Best photographer gifts in 2020

What to get!? We all have photographers and art enthusiasts in our life. These days incredible cameras and gear abound. The options seem endless. The features seem endless and daunting. But luckily there are some amazing options for gifts for photographers in this buyers market. The Lumid should be near the top of many peoples lists in 2020. 

Decor has been static FOREVER. And lighting has been exceedingly expensive for so long. What will emerge at the intersection of photography and decor, and offer incredible refinement and value? The Lumid is the world's first gallery quality customizable backlit lamp. Choose one of our standard models for your gift and once the user has this new table lamp they are able to realize the limitless options for applying their own photos and art to it. 

Be a brilliant lamp designer, or give the gift of variety and customization. True photographers will thank-you. 

The Lumid is a new achievement in cheap gifts, that are well made, refined, and offer incredible custom interaction for the photographer, the artist, the painter, and others. 

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In a nutshell: We manufacture the lamp, print your image, package the entire product with your logo and assembly instructions, and mail it directly to the address you provide. It's your business to set your prices: evaluate the value of your art and test what your market with bare.

Do you want to give someone a perfectly unique gift? Or do you want to get a new revenue stream going at your local market or online ecommerce platform? We can help!

You make a sale on your end, then order from us for cheaper. Direct us where to send your Lamp. We will include a sticker with your logo on the packaging.

SO basically that makes us a white label, wholesale manufacturer of gallery quality backlit lamps. You step in with the artwork, the hustle, and the story to create your own market and engage people in a way so that inspires them to bring your creation into their homes and businesses. Your lens. Your story. 

Need to know:

Size of assembled lamp:  8" X 15.5"

Size of packaged lamp: 16" X 3" X 10" / weight: 1.15 KG

Wood ring options: Walnut (darker) or Red Oak

Dimensions of image: 11.75" X 26.6"

Bulb options: Standard warm LED or Remote colored LED bulb (we feel like it adds a lot of value and makes the print come to life)


Okay here are some more details about the sitch:

We are through the roof that you are here! There is so much opportunity to combine this new concept in lighting/decor with your passion of photography, painting, or digital art. 

We are trying to keep the options simple for a stream process on our end as well as your end. We are offering two bulb options, two wood finish options, and one size of lamp currently. We've tested many sizes and we feel like the 8" X 15.5" is a keeper. 

As you know it's easier than ever to build your own website. Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, there are so many great ways to quickly create great landing pages and tell your story. 

This is a new form in light and art. This is light sculpture is a new canvas for you to share with the world your vision and talent. 

What we are really good at: we make a consistent, refined, precise product with the same method every time. We have industry leading printers and stellar quality control so you can be confident in the product you offer your customers. 

We will be your silent partner, offering this ingeniously simple and beautiful new way to enjoy art. We've worked really hard to develop this technology and be able to offer it at such an incredible price. We are so thrilled to to be here and able to collaborate with you in this way.

Let's get you your first Lumid so you can inspect the quality, get acquainted, learn all about it, and learn to work with the circumference and the focal area. 

Here are some of our main tips:

1) Use images with more grey, white, and colors make for a brighter lamp. Makes sense; less black, more bright. 

2) Think about a cylinder. You are able to experience about half of it at a time. So the far left and right areas of your composition will have less impact.

3) Playing with symmetry. We love mirroring images and creating mesmerizing symmetry at the centre of our compositions. 

More blog posts soon and updates on all things awesome backlit lamp.
We can't wait for you to get your hands on your Lumid!



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It's pretty miraculous that The Lumid is the first product on the market to offer user uploaded, gallery quality backlit lamps. I'm here in the lamp lab, just focusing on producing one quality Lumid at a time. Customers have been remarking that it's such a new experience to expect variety.
Decor has traditionally been static. What you purchase is what you live with. But life evolves. Art evolves. We evolve in our interests and emotional states. And yes, we all have powerful professional cameras in our pockets. 
There are 50 million people that identified as partaking in the hobby of photography in North America last year!
So here you go! a 49$ backlit art lamp just for you. Expect variety. Expect your decor to evolve with your taste in art. Bring color and customization into your space. 



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